Experimenting with Cartoons – (2012 )

Cartooning, my first love

I guess cartoons come into my mind whenever I think of freestyle / free forms of expression related to graphics. An avid “cartoonist” as a 5 years old, I develloped a personal style over the years. I was drawing over pictures of celebrities in all newspapers later, when 7-8 years old. Drawing cartoons for my high-school`s magazine came to me naturally , but then in college I felt forced to think of this art more seriously, leave humour asside and go into some real architectural drafting, with all the 3D, visualisation and compositing techniques.

Running away for humour`s sake

10 years later, after finishing college, I found myself trying on my old “habits”, those of not taking anything seriously. So I grabbed this lyric poem of one of our beloved romanian poets, and “drew over” some stuff.

I hope you like it.Check it out.b1058037920045.57505b962b1db1c19aa37920045.57505b962b7b2dc259337920045.57505b962c70212c0a637920045.57505b962bd6f

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