In search of the Renaissance Man

Classically trained in piano and winds, I knew from an early age I wanted to be an explorer of electronic music. Following the footsteps of Jean MIchel Jarre, Vangelis or Kraftwerk, I decided later in life to put my hands on those synths and knobs, and deliver that driven and addictive electronic music.

A formation in visual arts, design and architecture made my views more complicated and maybe more eclectic. I like to combine theoretical concepts with musical ideas, and see what comes out, and I think an experimental note must be somehow giving character to music.

My journey through life was, is and will always be doubled with art and you can find here some of this transition`s artefacts :

MIXES ( on Mixcloud )

The mixes represent something of an equivalent of collage, in visual arts.I like to tell stories or illustrate concepts in an epic string that is based on a selection of 10-12 tracks I like in a particular day – staying true to “Experimental” ( I select them from a few giga of music, so yes, I am also picky).Everything is recorded LIVE, so this is always a form of “happening” in itself.

VIDEO ( on Vimeo, Youtube )

I started to explore VIDEO in 2016, when I decided music was not enough for my ambitions in expressing creative ideas. I am actually training as we speak in more video making and editing ,always sticking to the experimental side.

MUSIC ( on Soundcloud/ Bandcamp )

Even if all my artistical “parkour” started with the ambition of becoming a DJ and then a music producer ( late `90s ), I have decided to explore more the visual side of arts.I guess music remains my informal field for self-education, and I enjoy even today the idea that music production opened the way, through self-education, to all other types of art.


I always liked to draw, since I was a kid. In time my hand got used to the computer wireframe and for a while I lost my abilities. Around 2010 I started to draw again, just to get away from the keyboard and aquire a new, more flexible mindframe. You can find cartoons, freehand sketches and all kind of other such “products” on this homepage. I think a few years of freedom came with new dimensions when it comes to computer aided creativity. My goal was achieved, I guess.


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