Work for/with sister Paula

From pop to folk and back

Back in 1997 my sister, Paula ( Seling ) became a romanian pop sensation over night. She had a few singles topping the national charts, and she looked like a future succesfull soft-pop musician.

I think her management tried everything at that time to make her gain new audiences, so soon enough she became quite eclectic in repertoire.

Her first best selling album was a folk-pop one. Romanians loved her covers on old classics of the genre. I got to design her album graphics for cost reasons, and also because I liked to point to her new directions for visual/musical approach.


Early influences

Again, since I was at that time producing electronica, I felt the need to influence Paulas career in new directions.At the end of the `90s I knew already that the internet would have a great influence on the industry. And also was willing to "insert" a precedent in my sister`s career, an album that would visit electronic music with some of it`s sub-genres.

The album was released in 2000/2001 and featured tracks written and produced by the guys at YAMA STUDIOS. It was one of the studios best known for Bucharest`s amazing electro-parties and great electronica.

The album features romanian musicians like Electric Brother, Junkyard, Puia, and some others that contributed with more or less significant ideas. It was also well received by the critics, and the songs remain until today in Paula`s concert lists.


A new band, a new album

Around the middle of the `00s, Paula consolidated a band composition of her own, and they recorded a new fusion album, under the name of "The 7th Heaven". I got to design ,again, the recordings graphics :

7th heavenCDCoperta exteriorCoperta interior

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