More Bucharest, ( 2012 street photography / sketching )

What about the low tech / minimal paradigm

Back in 2012 I felt a bit the need to define myself in front of my Facebook audiences, and decided to go conquer a bit some new frontiers.In this case, a game or a playfull attitude towards low-tech means of expression.

I chose then to go around Bucharest and randomly take pictures of places I liked along the way. The ideea was to see how low-tech images taken with a basic phone ( with the whole granulation, defects and technical artefacts in mind ) would “impress” my mind further into drawing.


I just started ot draw along over the [ictures, selecting bits and pieces that were interresting. The result is more than a dozen graphic artefacts that can be ssqueezed somewhere between experimental art and low-tech.


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