Videos for Radiospacepop – ” Terra2, Initial Gardens “

The perfect client

As I keep saying, I always liked to work on the experimental side of You get to represent properly your ideas and vision, and there`s absolutely no fuss regarding a potential client ruining your mood or your creative integrity.

But in this case, my “client”, Stefan Mototaianu, aka. Radiospacepop was a thrill to work with/for. I decided to complete a series of videos that would mirror in images some of the things I felt when listening to his music.

Home-made actionism in…action

This short video was realised in 3D and then mixed with some parts that re-visit “actionism” in its most basic manner. I liked to make water paintings ( ink blots sprayed onto a surface of liquid ) and to use the results as “Rorschach-like” moving stains in mixed/overlayed with the actual 3d scenes.

The praised lands of tradition and new-technologies working together

The result can be seen in this video.A mixture of 3D techniques in video versus traditional methods to conquer an experimental field I was planning to “visit” some day.That of abstract video-creation using body movement and its artefacts.


Radiospacepop – Terra 2,Initial Gardens ( taken from Park LP, 2007 ) from Seling Paul on Vimeo.

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