Camera obscura for Dummies ( 2011 )

Sick of the 3D viewport

Around 2011 I was living in Cluj-Napoca, trying to work more in a freestyle environment and leave behind a few years of arhitectural planning and drafting. This ment going back to some forms of art I coud enjoy without thinking all the time at the client-designer`s duo, situation, obligations, and so on.

I was previously feeling frustrated with the whole generation`s tribute to the XOYOZ axes of devellopement for every project, and decided to “melt” this 3D-like creative attitude into freestyle forms of art, like sketches, film or photography.

Camera obscura on a timeframe

I decided to use low-tech methods of enjoying myself creatively, mostly because of my computer`s poor configuration ( used Inkscape instead of Corel, Gimp in place of Photoshop, and so on ).I liked to make photos of random places I liked, and then draw over in an attempt to give new meaning to the images.

These insertions were driven in a certain direction by the picture`s quality, representation or by the place I was seeing at that moment, so I learned to name this small project the “camera obscura”: for a short period of time I was in a blind creative state, and from photography to final drawings it was a blunt state of blinded vision. Hence the name “for dummies”

Improbable sketching

As in other projects of mine, I usually go on drawing with my “reason” shut down, so everything I represent comes from somesort of a creative gut. Please enjoy my beginnings in graphic arts, a moment of illumination when my mind became conscient of other means of producing art.


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