Refurbishing a small public space ( 2007, hometown )

Back to my dream-job

Back in 2007 I`d recently quit my parents company in order to get a bit of work for myself.That ment going back to building things – the reason why I “enroled” in architecture in the first place.It was my adolescent dream, to go and become someone like F.L.Wright, or Corbusier, or Tadao Ando.

This company,,  offered me a job asap, based on my previous work/portofolio.The firm was working with a variety of clients, but the “state” was one of the ones that payed nicely and respected all project`s specifications.

State-owned architecture

The first time I was presented with the opportunity to design a recreational space for the public  I was thrilled. It took me only 2 days to figure out a concept , also because the plan and the circulations were already drawn by the chief architect.

I was left with the option of creating in 3D, based on the plans – not a very hard task in this case, the place was not that big. I started to SKEW everything until the whole concept deviated from a simple rectangulars play into more complicated angles and surfaces.htwwtwrtyq1 (2)q3 (2)q6 (2)q444sdtstywrytyrUntitled (2)

Not quite there with details

Here are some volumes that were built upon my project. Sadly, my whole concept of using smooth surfaces and sport facilities-like flooring derailled into a more rugged play with stones and rough tiling.

The project was executed back in 2009 and respected some of the specifications. Sadly I was no longer working with the company, so I didn`t have anything to do with the final stage of the project.

B_02 C D


Not all about the public debate

I guess everybody knows that the God of architecture lies in details .Same here, the finalised park was far from the original ideea.There were lots of public discussions and debates, especially from old folk`s part, that the place was not helping anyone get away from the sunlight, or play some backgammon in some dedicated corner.

I still support my initial concept and I like to stay faithfull to the ideea that this space should represent the creative`s type of feel, somehow abstract and deserted, broken and psychotic-like, in places.I like to think of it as a snapshot of my inner tensions put into place by the allmighty STATE, that gave me a chance to express myself in ways that are in other situations inaccessible.

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