Experimenting with/about cartoons ( 2012 )

Poet`s workplace as a playground

As said before, I consider that art is the only real free field for constructive action, a world in wich creativity can easily find place for expression with a certain general consent that everything is possible and permited.

I took the opportunity to verify this theory by invading the poetic space of dead poet Marin Sorescu. All his poems have a certain type of humour that I considered for breeding in another form of expression -my cartooning.

Hybrid types of humour at work

If the “hybrid” makes any sense is debatable. You can check it out.This is part of my essays on limits, respect and creative boundaries.cdc1a237920045.57505c1be0b584a7f5f37920045.57505c1bdff56bbfae137920045.57505c1bdf8d68e868b37920045.57505c1be111b

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