Post-modern reflection on my hometown, Baia Mare ( 2012 )

Local tradition and international art movements

When it comes to my hometown`s art heritage , I always remember the multitude of moments I spent, in my childhood,  in front of  works exhibited in artist`s exhibitions. Be it the Art School or the traditional art fairs, I remained touched forever with the city`s special inclination in offering strong suport to all painters and graphic artists.

The Baia-Mare painting school

There is a long tradition when it comes to the local painting community, wich celebrates more than 100 years of existance. The city celebrates its special colour of the sky wich, in the autumn, becomes  of a clear blue that contrasts with falling leaves. Generations of painters have been using special pigments to capture the beautiful sceneries and their surroundings.

Art in Baia Mare has an old appeal to history and hystorical moments. The WWII is celebrated with special urban scultptures,  others point to the modernist heritage or the fin-de-siecle feel. We have a mixture of urban artefacts that would make every city proud.

Memories of childhood

I chose to sketch a bit around them ,and illustrate a friend`s poetry book with some drawings that remind of special states I used to be in, while growing up.



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