S(h)and sketching @ the Black Seaside

How fast can you go ( in graphics )

Summer of 2012, I had the inspiration to spend a few days on the Black Seasid`s beach at Vama Veche. I felt the need to just sketch along the day all kinds of people lying around in the sun. I guess everybody must agree thats a hard thing to do – it took me 7-10 seconds to draw every sketch – luckily everybody is a bit more lazy when it comes to a vacation in such a resort.img_8711-copy1img_8713-copy1img_8714-copy1img_8715-copy1img_8716-copy1img_8718-copy1img_8719-copy1img_8720-copy1img_8721-copy1img_8722-copy1img_8725-copy1img_8726-copy1img_8727-copy1img_8729-copy1img_8734-copy1img_8735-copy1

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