Visuals in the “After-Therapy” ( 2012 )

Mirroring in therapy

Back in 2012 I used to go to therapy regarding a creative-block I was in, and some forms of depression related to it.I chose to use every hour of the after therapy-time in sketching something on my computer, representing somehow the state wich I was leaving behind after the end of every session.

I had a very strong connection with my therapist ( a lady who was specialised in psycho-drama ) ,and liked to put in tones of grey all the feelings, thoughts and actions I was experimenting.

Grey feel for an elegant attitude

I usually use greys to express a strong will and a reason-oriented type of thinking.I ended up printing in larg format these works and actually hanging them up on the therapist`s walls.

I guess this is a nice and productive final for all the…drama.


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