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This section of the site is dedicated to the period right after the financial crisis of 2008. A time when the whole construction industry was completely idle, work was so scarce that most of us, designers/architects had to find something else to keep ourselves active. I started an online blog with the ambition to make a piece of art every day. The blog continued to be active for around 5 years, so in the end I have gathered quite a few items. It was a time when I also reconnected with some more basic forms of expression, like freehand drawing and photography.

Exercising again in the “analog domain” was extremely rewarding. I am exhibiting here some of the things “recorded” back in that period, for the sake of keeping things coherent. Again, I approached art as a minimalist, maybe capturing something of my moods and feelings at that time : mostly grey nuances and neutral undertones , diluted interventions, yet a vivid drawing line. I also made some t-shirt models I put up for sale on Etsy and in the end published a booklet just to give the whole experiment a finality in a physical form.

After it all ended, I remained with a very pleasant memory of the times. And then there`s the booklet, that everybody is so happy to receive as a a…well….weird coffee table item.

You can check out more art from this period on the BLOG.

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