I make no secret of the fact that I keep a critical eye on “all things society”. I constantly feel the need to define myself and my creativity in relation to the context I am living in. In my first years after graduation I often thought of emigrating to a more civilized country, where I could presumably practice my profession more successfully. Yet I chose to stay “behind”, in a disfunctional one, because something told me transition and transformations of such nature and scale could be much more interesting than something already balanced and stable.

So I chose to transform myself into a living recorder of these phenomena. By constantly reflecting
on the external world, filtering it through my own perception and then translating it into “art” I dare to say I am year after year encrypting the state of things into a metaphorical language that could be somehow partially decoded later. If not, the result of such a process remains at least something pleasant to look at. This exhibition I staged as an “art installation” at the local public Library in 2014 is part of this long term ambition. After a few years of blogging and exhibiting digital art in virtual spaces ( see the “Digital Art” section of this site ) I felt the need to end everything in a more “analog” manner. 

So I wrote a full article about this event and others on the BLOG section , decoding every single detail of it. It`s a good read, worth a try.

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