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Paul Seling ( main alias )

I started producing electronic music back in 2018 using my own name as the main alias, focusing on genres like chillout, downtempo, chillwave or deep house. In the last period I started to integrate more and more a retro, 80`s inspired sound, with vocal synthwave / retrowave influences

​It is a colorful listening experience, drawing inspiration from all my musical history : from childhood memories of growing up listening to funk, soul or disco, to the last years listening to the most obscure indie bands. The project draws on complex, rich harmonies, funky beats and some serious songwriting skills.

Perfect for an afternoon drive along the coastline or for rollerskating on the beach with your Walkman`s headphones on.

You can listen to the full “Paul Seling” discography on your prefered music distribution platform, here :

Autonne ( chillhop, lo-fi hip hop )

If you ever needed a playlist on which you could easily relax to or play in the backround while working, the “Autonne” project could be a great choice. Lo-fi beats mixed with jazzy harmonies and melodies, all supported by a retro vibe, heavy sampling of old records, a vintage overall feel, you`ve got it all.

​I created this musical alias to further experiment with sampling and samplers. drum machines and organic instrumentation. Somewhere between ambient, hip hop and jazz, it will make you groove from the first notes.

​Also perfect for an evening at home while cooking and enjoying a glass of wine.

You can listen to the full “Autonne” discography on your prefered music distribution platform, here :

Aniak ( techno, house , minimal )

“Aniak” is my project focusing on a darker side of electronic music, especially experimental techno, progressive house, sometimes minimal. I tend to work with this alias when I want to just release energy and have fun on uncharted territories.

​The “Aniak” music is dynamic, club oriented, yet groovy and refined when it comes to composition and sound design. I might often incorporate retro sounding drum machines and synths, while inovating in structure and bending genres.

​Highly recommended for a long night drive in a dystopian scenery or a late night warehouse party.

​You can listen to the full “Autonne” discography on your prefered music distribution platform, here :

Photonnia ( electronica, ambient, idm )

The “Photonnia” project is the one where I chose to deliberately let go of all possible rules in music production, be it composition, structure, harmony or rhythm. It is a completely open field of experiment and play, and I could hardly find a description for its genre. It might be ambient, mixed with electronica, sometimes IDM, glitch or sometimes you could just hear a full tribute to Kraftwerk.

​If you`re in need for imaginative and mind challenging electronic music, “Photonnia” could be a good starting point.

​This music is perfect for bragging about to your hipster friends, as it is as obscure as it can get. Enjoy it with some craft beer in a retro-styled cafe.

You can listen to the full “Photonnia” discography on your prefered music distribution platform, here :

I still remember the autumn of 1985, when I stumbled by accident over a Casio keyboard, in my uncle`s home. I think it was one of the most significant events in my life. The strange, eerie, electronic presets of the workstation set fire to my imagination. I was already enrolled in the local art school, studying classical piano, humble subject to the extreme rigors of such an educational system.

I was 8 years old, but I instantly promised myself I would get something like this in my future. Fast forward to 1997, my sister Paula becomes a national pop celebrity over night. This came with us buying a shiny, beautiful Korg Trinity workstation. At the time I had just started studying architecture in college, yet with such a beautiful piece of gear lying around, I was instantly drawn back to music.

Paula and me started experimenting with our limited resources ( a keyboard and a Pentium II computer ), like the most authentic bedroom producers. Yet our first tunes reached the airwaves and became, almost all of them, national radio hits.
Paula went on to become a famous pop singer, while I decided to dive into the more experimental side of the field. I studied hard for the future 5 years, still attending college. In 2002 I graduated and had to start working in the family business, one of the biggest furniture factories in our area.

16 years later, after closing the factory and after a few years of work in architecture and design, I followed a moment`s impulse and bought an Ableton Live license. After 20+ years from my first song as a music producer I was hooked again. I started pursuing further the dream I had as a a kid, but this time I had everything I needed under my hands. I went on creating all the projects you have already listened to above. I founded my own music label, Sprya Records, through which I release everything on all major music distribution platforms.

At the moment you are reading this I am probably in my studio, obsessing over a new synthesizer or an obscure retro drum machine. I am releasing new songs quite often, constantly experimenting and trying to break boundaries, challenging myself with every new project. I hope you can join me in this journey by listening to what I`ve published so far, and stay tuned for the new stuff coming out on a regular basis.

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