Autonne, the new side project

In 2021, after almost 3 years of music making I felt like exploring yet another side of electronic music – chillhop – this time more seriously and on a different, dedicated profile.At first I was puzzled by the success of chillhop and tried my hand on the genre back in 2019, with a personal approach, on the EP Lo-Fi Memories.

This year I had a big subscription on Splice, and managed to put my hands on some really groovy, fat and thick samples I felt like twisting a bit into a collection of fresh chunes. Not all my chillhop albums are sample based, especially the first ones, but honestly the use of third party sound gives me something of a different feel. I think every producer knows how hard it is to get out of your own habits and routines, so the aquisition of 3-4 packs from SPlice helped tremendously in getting out of a creativ block I was in for a while.

So this is how the Autonne alias came into being…Just another name I invented from scratch – I just love doing this ! – to somehow give my new work a new personality.

You can find the Autonne alias on all major music distribution platforms. Here are the most used ones….





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