Tranquility Garden ( Ep )

March 2021 I was approached by a good friend who runs a local quigong meditation group. He needed a few pieces of music for the practise`s backround soundtrack, something really neutral, faded, quiet, just to fill up the silence but not disrupt the practitioner in any ways.

It was really difficult for me to remain so minimal, so contained, but in the end I came up with 5 tracks ( 7 minutes was the minimum lengths Horea asked for ) of calm, meditative sounds. As I posted a review of it on a blog :

If you ever searched for the perfect backround for your meditation or relaxation sessions , “Tranquility Garden”
has the perfect music to accompany you into the emotional space you might need to achieve a higher
state of self awareness and inner peace. Ethereal atmospheres, carefully crafted sound design, soothing harmonies,
a slow and calm tempo, these tracks can flow in the backround of your daily routine and beautifuly fill in
the space left for music. If you are looking for both a spiritual trip and a relaxing half an hour of serenity
“Tranquility Garden” is really worth your attention.

You can buy the Hi-Res version on Bandcamp :

Or stream it on all major music distribution platforms, like SPotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, Tidal, Dezeer, etc

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