Heat Wave ( Lp )

February of 2021 I was on a really rare type of creative high, so I managed to pull out a full album,again. After 2 years of downtempo and chillout I felt the need to go into some different areas, and I chose as an inspiration this obscure period between the late 80s and the early 90s.

Gated snares, FM synths, Linndrum kicks and vintage arps, all come together to form a nicely crafted package, and as I said in a blog post :

If you ever dreamed of an emotional trip down the memory lane, ” Heat Wave” will deliver a beautiful
revisit to the sunsoaked vibes of the late 80`s. The 10 track LP is a stylish sonic excursion into a
variety of styles that populated those years, from synthpop to downtempo, from chicago to deep house.
Soothing vocals, elegant harmonies, groovy beats ,” Heat Wave” has everything you could need for a glamorous
party in the golden hours or a long cruise into the sunset

You can buy the Hi-res version on Bandcamp :


Or just stream it on Youtube :

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