You Dream In Technicolor ( Ep )

Autumn of 2020 ( october ), I was having an open discussion with the people from M-Sol Records about releasing some new songs on their label. I don`t want to ( necessarily ) brag about this, but from starters I had many proposals from lots of labels, who were always eager to publish my works. But since I have launched my own, Sprya Records, back in 2019, I felt I wanted to keep control of my own masters. Somehow all my tracks are like my own kids, I hate not having them around all the time.

That changed for a while. I decided to go for a drive test with M-Sol, just to check if a larger, more dedicated team could bring a broader audience to my musical experiments. So I relied again on Alena Avenaxs voice to put out a 3 track Ep, built around her special timbre. I chose to give my tracks somesort of a dusty, vintage feel, inspired by `80s dream pop, mixed with my classical approach to downtempo or chillwave. I named it ” You Dream In Technicolor” for its retro atmosphere, something that could go well at a lounge party in the golden hour.

You can stream or buy it on all major music distribution platforms ( Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, etc ). Or just view it on Youtube :

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