Aniak strikes again ! ( The “Aeon” Lp )

So I obviously have two different creative personalities inside of me. The more conventionl, chilled and mellow Paul, who writes music under his public name and likes to smoothly entertain. And then there`s Aniak, my alter ego, wich is totally uncompromising, raw and in your face. With Aniak I feel complete creative freedom with no boundaries and under absolutely no pressure ( except that of delivering perfect music, of course :)). January of 2021, I decided I needed to switch back to techno, this time an even more agressive approach than ever before. If my previous releases under this alias were melodic, mixing progressive house and electronica, on “Aeon” I decided to go full speed into peak-time, driving techno. Just to test my limits.

The “Aeon” LP is a 9 track epic incursion into techno, tech or progressive house, with a stylish and gritty take on the genres.Its dark and haunting atmospheres, intricate harmonies, raw beats and muscular basslines will transport you into a unique sonic adventure. Unfiltered attitude, vivid soundscapes, complex and imaginative sound design, the LP has everything you might desire, from peak time to chilled after hours. If youre into deep, intelligent, uncompromising club music “Aeon” is definitely worth your consideration.

You can of coourse buy it on all major music distribution platforms ( Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, tidal, Google Play, etc ). Here`s the smartlink :

You can also view it on Youtube :

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