Dreamcatcher LP (2020 )

September 2020. A new vocal pack enters my collection, that of Jovani Occomy. Her neo-soul vibe strikes a chord in my creative self, that of a potential new album, built around her soulful personality, something more loose, maybe more complex harmonically-wise. I added in the mix lots of 6-string acoustic guitars, threw in also a nu-jazz note, messed with analog old school `80s synths…

The whole concept took life while producing, ending with a result wich is this time more oriented towards live-recordings. A more acceessible sound, yet intricate in chord progressions and choice of the sound palette.

You can listen to it either on Soundcloud :

Or stream it directly on Youtube :

Also, the full LP is available for purchase on all music distribution platforms, starting 20th of October, 2020.

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