“Nightwalk” LP ( 2019 )

You might already think I have a thing for downtempo, and I can admit, well, it`s true.So here I am, september 2019 thinking of just another way to reinvent myself within the boundaries of the genre…Browsing through the Loopmasters database I discovered another great vocal pack, that of Amy Kirkpatrick. Combining it with some tracks from Alena Avenax I put together another Lp, an 8 track album built around jazzy harmonies and the soothing vocal performances of the 2 singers.

This album is yet another chilled incursion into the balearic sound and I think it`s got everything it needs to become a great record.Until you can hear it on the new Cafe del Mar compilation :), you can grab it on :

Or just listen to it on Youtube :

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