“Lo-Fi Memories” (2019)…

Spring of 2019, I was just finished with my first downtempo LP, “HER” ( you can read about it in the previous post ). I was still in a laid-back mood and wanted to continue pooring it into a new record.

I was puzzled by the success of chillhop in these late 10s, so I have to admit I had to try my hand a bit on the genre. Of course I made my homework for a few days on well known dedicated Youtube channels and then decided I needed to – of course – put my own touch on such a project.

I don`t think I made it because I needed to stay in the trend, it was more like I found the pleasure of giving it a flip, and so I did in this 5 track EP. As the purists would require, I used heavy sampling, hip hop beats and also wrote some side melodies, just to tame everything a bit to my own style. Which is, in this case, dusty vocal hooks combined with jazzy chords and, of course, vibraphones. A lot of them !

Stream or buy the Hi-res versions on Bandcamp :

Or, even easier, check the playlist on Youtube :

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