“Her” ( 2019 )

Early spring of 2019 I had just finished my first official release, the “Shore” Ep, and was searching for a new direction to tackle with further. I found it in a vocal sample pack, by singer Alena Avenax. Elegant songwriting, soulful vocals, beautiful lyrics, I had to get it right away ( it`s being sold by Loopmasters and some others, I think ).

I thought of paying my tribute to my early years listening to Cafe de Mar ( such a positive shock I had back in 1997 when I bought a copy of No 7… ). So the whole album is a revisit of my late `90s listening to downtempo, featuring soothing soundscapes, melodic incursions in nostalgic atmospheres, and so on. I also thought of bringing just a touch of lo-fi / chillwave into the recipe, just to make things a bit more actual.

her cube jpeg

Hi-Res versions for sale on Bandcamp  :

Or just watch the playlist on Youtube :

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