Who is Aniak ? ( and why should you care ? )

After 1 year of tacking with downtempo, retrowave, chillout or deep house I felt a bit the need to explore the electronic reign a bit further. I really felt the push to start exploring a more raw side of my creative self, wich I know from early history is capable of more than making smooth and easy listening music.

“Aniak” was an alias I came up with after years and years of longing for Alaska. As an avid snowboarder I dreamed for years in a row the perfect vacation on pristine slopes and rugged mountains. It never became reality, but “Aniak”, a small city in northern Alaska inspired this alternative personality I like to try on when in need for some gritty expressivity.

So whenever I feel like showing off my darker, colder side, I take this pseudonim and come up with – I would say – rather interesting experiments at the edge of techno, electro, IDM or even avantgarde or noise.

In the spring of 2020 I released 2 albums, an LP called “Starchild”, and an EP called” Aether”. Both of them have found their way drawing from the aesthetic of early `90s electronic music and rest assured the final result is sought after.

I really enjoyed the freedom I found in myself to just experiment with a colder, more abstract approach to my usual routines.


Aniak · Starchild LP

“Starchild” on Bandcamp :


“Aether” on Bandcamp :


You can also find this release on a dedicated, sperate profile, the Aniak profile, of course, on all major distribution platforms.

For your convenience here`s the Spotify link :


And the Youtube Channel :


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