Remixes, free remixes ! ( 2019 )

So in between personal projects I took some time to focus on some remix competitions hosted on Native Instrument`s community platform, METAPOP.

My history with remixing dates way back to 2018, with my first ever published rework of Yuri & Raidens "I will always find you". Didnt win any prize though, but damn, I really think I did a great job on all I`ve put my fingers on.

Most of the remixes are in fact some hipsterish flips of the originals, almost all the time cooked with a touch of (self)irony. Again, you know I like all things retro, so dont be surprised if most of them bring you back to some obscure `70s-`80s aesthetic.

You can download them all for free either on the Soundcloud profile or on Bandcamp ( bandcamp has also a hi-res format ).

There`s a volume 1 :

Volume 1 on Bandcamp :

…and a Volume 2, coming soon !

Please be nice and share these freebies everywhere you can, let`s make some people happy today !

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