My first online release, the “Shore” EP ( 2018 )

Back in december 2018 I finally decided to release “something”, for the sake of starting to build an online audience. I was tackling with Ableton Live since october, the infamous month when I felt it was time to get back to music production, after more than 20 years of hiatus.

The reasons why I felt like doing this was related to some internal wake up call, since I finally got the money to buy a decent workstation. In all previous years, all graphic experiments from 2010 until then were mainly conducted because I coudn`t afford a powerful machine, so I was using scarce methods and mediums, sometimes just a pen and a piece of paper – as you can see on the timeline.


The “Shore” EP came to life at the end of december, in the middle of a freezing cold week, obviously the perfect time to dream about a flawless vacation at the seaside.

I think I revisited a bit my childhood memories of happy times spent on the Black Seas shores, so theres deffinitely a `70s vibe to all of the 4 tracks. I used retro inspired synths over groovy/laid back deep house beats to finish the project with a decent balearic touch.

You can now listen to the remastered version of the EP here. Just grab a beer and relax on this imaginary trip to Ibiza and maybe some more obscure shores we`re about to visit together….

You can also listen tot it on some other platforms, like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc – the release is available on all major music distribution platforms.

Or just a quick link to :

Spotify :

Bandcamp : ( where you can buy the hi-res versions )

Youtube :

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