Moonlighting ( 2020 )

I think I mentioned in the past posts how much I like to tackle with the retro aesthetic…enough times…yet…and this new project I`ve worked on in the middle of may 2020 is yet another approach.

The “Moonlighting” Ep came to life as another different angle to approach downtempo – after my previous releases like ” Synthesis” / “Lo-Fi Memories” or “Nightwalk being the more conservative projects that mainly revisited the old school chillout sound.

moon 2

I think I cought some late synthwave-ish/retrowave-ish vibes from around my social media feed and maybe some friends. Anyways the return to the `80s is in its prime right now, some might say it`s even wearing off a bit. I really fell in love with gated reverbs and funky leads, so this material layed heavily on some of these tricks to finally deliver a well rounded and rather polished product – the 5 track Ep called “Moonlighting”.

I think I might have cought some influences also from chillwave and dream-pop, at least those Linn Drum samples are there to support the idea. If I managed to pull out a nice,refined, conceptual EP, well, might be your decision. I know I wanted to.

Find it on Bandcamp – for hi-res versions :

Or on all major music distribution platforms, like Spotify, google Play, iTunes, Apple music, Dezeer, etc…

Quick Spotify link :

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