“Nightwalk” LP

So I gave up design and architecture for a while just to get back to my first love, electronic music. When it comes to creative fields I feel that music is by far the closest to my heart, and I cannot fully explain why. Maybe I was fed up with all the issues related to dealing with clients, maybe I am not that much of a people`s person, and design or architecture tend to be very soliciting when it comes to social skills.

Yep, I am back to the initial spot, where the only limit for imagination is yourself. No deadlines, no fuss, just you and your knobs and faders. I love tweaking my DAW and playing endlessly for hours with sound design and synthesis.

“Nightwalk” is my first LP ( Ive released some other EPs this year, you can find them on my Bandcamp page or on all major music distribution platforms ). I experimented in this last work with a new sound, closer to chillwave/electronica, reinventing my passion for chillout music and maybe revisiting my early years when I was so much into the Cafe del Mar selections.

Without further introduction, here`s my september in audio :

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