Aesthetix of Madness ( music album, 2016 )


Experimental versus…practical…( and free )

The album I released in the summer of  2016 has a lot more to do with the experimental part of music, than with the  one usually accepted by us as commercial.Even if you`d say you are listening to a study of Czerny, behind all the 6 pieces lies the concept of “automaton”, the old name for the robot that executes, more or less, activities that were , at some point,  only in people`s grasp.

The music “automaton” has become , after all, our humble computer, and we are caught today in a weird collaboration with the machine.Our music is also danceable, an unusual place of meeting for automatisation, on one hand ( the robot, the computer ) and our collective memory, on the other   – plus the need of people to enter a trance-like state before partying, dancing, loving ( it all begun in Africa,  they say )

A musical diary

This album is reffering to this state of things from a creative`s point of view, to wich, by understanding the inner workings of such processes, he remains a prisoner : he is the only one who knows what really happens then and there, in the musical piece , but he is forced to remain both an inside and an outside witness. Sometimes this leads to depression.In such a state I have created this little album, during one week, using the computer as the automaton of choice for giving…why not…real explanations through music.

Depression in a creative`s block

I used field recordings ( ambiental recordings from the outside world ), and I quoted in some places some of my older states of mind ( the “Sisif`s Silence” track, for instance ), states of depression in wich nothing seems worth to be done, written, recorded or said.

The creative in me decided to go further to put an end to this sisifian nexus, and express in 6 pieces some of the atypical states in wich you may find yourself when you “know” what everything you`re working on actually “means”.I am trying to invite you into listening to this material with the understanding that every one of these pieces has been, somehow, “lived through”, and that by following this Ariadnas thread to its end, you will understand that behind the "automaton" there`s life, and that this life actually means, after all, again, music…

Tracklisting :

1. Beethoven in the garage ( “Moon sonata” re-wired ) 04:40
2. One regular numb morning 06:04
3.Czerny`s Automaton ( Etude Op. 740 No.12 ) 02:05
4.A sunday to do nothing ( Czerny, Etude Op.740 No.14 ) 03:36
5.Sisif`s silence 05:52
6.What happens in Rio ( original mix )

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