re/Marketing Paula Seling ( Remix contests 2013, 2014 )


Back in 2010 I had seen my sister win the 3rd place in the Eurovision contest. A pop singer since the late `90s ( she was 17 when she became famous ), her songs were mostly a mixture of folk, pop  and soft rock. Even if she is known as a vocal for different types of music, the world stage is at this time conquered year by year by more and more electronic music, so I decided, a few years ago, to expose her to the democracy that reigns in the remixing crowds.

Yes, the remixers are quite a bunch – hundreds of thousands of ambitious, eager to compete and win music producers. The exposure to the internet worlds would have made my sister more known and possibly more famous : she has a great voice and a nice presence, so why not try to cast her in new roles and new types of sound.

The tree-like marketing scheme

My idea was to create a remixing contest once a year, and to offer to music professionals the acapellas from one of Paula`s recent albums, for further remixing. After the remixes were finished, they were supposed to spread information on the singer and the producer, further into their own social clouds, like branches from a central tree.

So everybody wins : the remixers have a great connection to a great voice / famous personality , while Paula becomes more known in everyday people`s lives.

The 2013 Remix contest

The 2013 remix contest featured stems from the “One mile of worlds” album, produced by Paula and a few other romanian music producers. The album had an euro-pop general note, with influences from eurodance, dance, house, or even trance music .

Here`s the original album :

The remix contest lasted from december 2013 to february 2014 , and offered the full album`s vocal stems for remixing. We received a lot of electronica, downtempo, chillout, but the most interesting ones were a pack of trance, EDM, trance and house remixes, that made it in the final and were released in a separate remixes album :

Following the success of the 2013 edition, we decided to make a new one in the second year, 2014. Quite a surprise, it was the year Paula got a second chance to represent Romania at the Eurovision, so things and scheduals were tight this time.

The original album had been produced back in 2008/2009, but the songs were written exclusively by Paula. She also recorded and mixed everything herself – it was a very personal project :

This time we had more trance and house in, but the winners were two tracks of a very different nature:

I took the opportunity of taking a few snapshots of Soundcloud`s statistic charts. We had a lot of coverage, especially on vocals, and tens of thousands of downloads. Even if only a certain procent of the remixes were finished and sent, we got in the end a ncie set of collaborations, and published all the winning tracks in digital releases on all major music distribution platforms.




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